When you’re sick or injured and need to see a doctor, how do you choose between going to the emergency room, going to an urgent care clinic, using your telemedicine benefit, or going to your doctor’s office?

You should go to an emergency room for life-threatening medical conditions, including heavy bleeding, serious head injuries, difficulty breathing, sudden chest pain/change in vision, severe burns, neck/spine injuries or major broken bones.

If your injury doesn’t put you in immediate danger, but you need care as soon as possible, you should consider going to an urgent care center. You don’t need an appointment and you’ll probably have a shorter wait time.

Your doctor’s office is another great alternative to the ER because he/she already knows your medical history and can treat you accordingly. Simply call your doctor’s office, explain your condition and see if they can schedule a same-day appointment for you.

You now also have an alternative that lets you get care without leaving your home—telemedicine services.


We would never want you to compromise your health. If you’re experiencing a true emergency, get to the ER as quickly as you can. But, if your condition is not life threatening, think about using an alternative for quicker, less expensive and more convenient care.